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As the future of mobility becomes connected, autonomous, electric and subscription-based, TechOrbit helps transform OEMs, suppliers, dealers and finance companies into software-driven enterprises. We’ll help you use data to deliver compelling, unified experiences while building sustainable service revenue models.

Targeted solutions

Automotive Engineering
In the design and engineering of new vehicles, we work with OEM engineering groups and Tier1 suppliers to conceptualize, design, develop and validate vehicle components and systems. Among them are application/product lifecycle management (ALM/PLM) systems, which improves development and validation processes.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transformation
We can help your business run its core processes smartly and efficiently. Among our success stories: implementing digital factory solutions to help prevent parts shortages in assembly line processes, as well as transforming legacy value streams for new product lines such as electric vehicles, while incorporating supply chain visibility and control tower.

Digital Marketing
Enhance your marketing efforts with creative content and asset management. Our global digital content factory provides scale, efficiencies, economies of cost and speed to market. And our digital asset management platform enables you to store, manage and securely access marketing collateral, giving you the flexibility and security for a large and distributed user base.

Consumer Engagement
We help OEMs and dealers provide a personalized sales and service experience to their customers. Among our solutions: a digital marketing platform that automates and streamlines vehicle sales management and improves the customer experience. Our campaign management and analytics solutions help determine where consumers are in the buying journey and generate targeted offers to convert the sale.

Smart Business Operations
We help automate and run automakers’ business operations, including finance & accounting, customer care and logistics management functions. With solutions such as Digital Finance as a Service and Risk Analytics, we help you reduce overhead cost while remaining compliant. Our global footprint enables us to provide multi-lingual support services 24/7.