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We specialize in offering cutting-edge automation tools as a service to empower businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. We understand the demands of the modern business landscape and are committed to providing solutions that simplify processes and drive growth.

SAP Archive Content Migration Tool


  • Platform independent tool can be used for any source-target archive application server integrated with SAP
  • Leverage SAP standard function modules
  • Can be used to migrate ADK files and business document attachments
  • In-built jobs/progress monitoring functionality and real-time graphical progress report with download capability
  • Tool compatible with S/4HANA system

The solution contains:

  • Utility to migrate attachments
  • Utility to migrate Archived Files
  • Dashboard to monitor progress

SAP Variant Creation Tool

TechOrbit Solutions Private Limited has developed SAP Variant creation tool, which will help in creation of SAP variants in bulk without any manual intervention. This tool is very useful when it comes to variants creation for SAP archiving execution because we need to create thousand variants to catch up the past archiving.