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Newgen Consulting

Newgen is the leading provider of a unified digital transformation platform with native process automation, content services, and communication management capabilities. With Newgen, TechOrbit aims to provide you with frictionless operations and enhanced customer experience with low code-based platforms for greater efficiency, improved compliance, and scalability.

Newgen Consulting


In collaboration with Newgen, we have created solutions that are 80% pre-built and 20% customised customized based on specific customers requirements. These solutions can help your organisation organization drive more businessreal business outcomes.

Key Features:

Invoice Processing

  • Multi-channel capturing of invoices
  • AI-powered classification of invoices
  • Multi-engine extraction of invoices
  • AI-powered de-dupe checks
  • Image-assisted validations and fuzzy matching
  • Exception and payment management with dynamic approvals
  • Built-in rules for touchless processing of invoices
  • Seamless communication and query management with vendors via the portal
  • Strict adherence to local and global laws & regulations

Payment Processing

  • Seamless bulk payment for single/multi-vendor invoices
  • Easy pre-scheduled payments
  • Auto knock-off advance payments and credit notes
  • Instant updates for vendors regarding payment status with reference details


  • NewgenOmniDocsEnterprise Content Management (ECM) Suite
  • NewgeniBPSIntelligent Process Automation (BPM)
  • NewgenONEPlatform - Low code Platform for End-to-end Automation